About Us

  Our goal at Daisy Oaks Ranch is to make all natural, pasture raised meat products from local, ethical producers directly available to consumers looking for quality and confidence.  Find confidence that you are providing your family with the most natural, highest quality products while supporting small, independent ranchers and farmers.
     With most large retailers and super markets, there are so many unknowns.  Providing confidence that the food your family is consuming has not been chemically altered, dye infused, or unnaturally advanced is our primary goal. With each producer in which we partner, we personally walk their fields, observe their herds and ranching practices. These animals are free ranged from birth on lush central Missouri pastures and tended to daily to ensure they are flourishing and well cared for.
     We are not a large scale distributor. It will never be our goal to be anything other than a small business looking to make quality and confidence available to those who want it. As we are just beginning this journey, we will only be able to take on a small number of client members and may have wait times for order fulfillment. Based on response and feedback, we will have ability to expand access, but again, we will never be a large scale meat distributor who loses visibility and control of the product being sold.
     We also have a small bison ranch. These animals have been with us since they were calves and are our startup brood herd. We will have bison meat products available at some point in the future and we look forward to making this available to our client members. These animals are such a joy and blessing to us and we look forward to being able to provide a superbly natural, flavorful and healthy alternative into your family food plan.
     We are also very excited to announce that we will be making available a complete line of herbs and spices. All of our products will be available online and virtually any spice or herb that you would need will be available. All items will be sourced for freshness and quality.
    Please keep watching as we will provide updates as additional products develop and are made available.

Looking forward to working with you, 
Don and Rebecca