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"We absolutely love the products! I thought I couldn’t eat beef as it immediately made me feel sick, it was store bought. I tried this and NOT 1 issue! I’m back to enjoying beef meals. I highly recommend them!"
- Deb V-R. -Cedar Hill, MO

"Best Rib Eye Steaks that we have ever eaten!!! Thank you so much! We will be in touch!!!"
- Holly M. - Dittmer, MO

" My friend and her husband all but quit eating beef because every time they did, it made their stomach hurt. I had bought some of yours and they made dinner with it and tried it with no problems and are now eating beef again. No mores store bought for them or me! Thanks for providing us with a clean product."
Diane B. - Union, MO

 "I would like to thank Daisy Oaks Ranch for the perfect Christmas dinner. The Ribeye steaks were delicious, and my family and I totally enjoyed every bite." 
Beth S. - Missouri

"This has to be some of the cleanest most delicious beef I have tasted. How the meat is raised, cared for, and tended to is translated in the taste and quality.  I highly recommend any of their meat options !!!!"
Megan R. - Eureka, MO

" We did receive it and have already grilled up the T-bone steaks. The beef tasted really good! Simple salt and pepper on the steaks was plenty of flavoring. Thank you so much for reaching out and asking for feedback. It shows that you both pay close attention to the detail and quality of your product, which also encourages us to continue ordering from your ranch"
Diane L.- Ontario, CA

"The cow was delicious, absolutely delicious!." 
Joanne K.- St. Louis, MO
"I have purchased and eaten high end beef for 30 years.  I have never had filets as good as the ones I purchased from you!  You can post my phone number and I will tell anyone who calls that your meat is incredible!"
"YO" Taxi  - Union, MO
"Your steaks were amazing!  I called my regular meat provider and told him that he better step up his game because your stuff was way better!"
Anonymous - Union, MO
"The hamburger is good!! Fresh!!! It taste like the meat I grew up on and the bone broth I made from the soup bones? Delicious. Thank you!
Marilyn G. - Denver, CO 
 "I love the beef jerky already!  I can't wait to try the rest."
"Is it possible to order more of the beef jerky & beef sticks? I definitely want more!"
Rhonda - O'Fallon, MO
"OMG beef short ribs on the smoker. They were on for about 6 hours. Just melt in your mouth. Meat is from Daisy Oaks Ranch. Yummmm"
"Amazing burgers and dogs from Daisy Oaks Ranch"
Craig H.- Wentzville, MO

Your steaks were a big hit and so were the biscuits and gravy I made with the sausage! Thank you so much!!!
Tim O. - Los Angels, CA

 "First of all let me start by saying that I opened the beef sticks and they were absolfrickenloutely amazing. 
The marble in the meat looked amazing. Can't wait to grill a slab of meat for dinner. My step dad had some of his from his package and really enjoyed it."
Mark C. - Gilbert, AZ 

"I purchased a roast from you last week and it was the best that I have ever had!"
Anonymous - Belle, MO

"I ordered a package and added some T-bones and jerky. 

So far, I have cooked and eaten a T-bone steak. I ate this the first night and cooked with Sea salt, 1600 shredded pepper and a pad of butted rubbed on just before pulling off the grill. It was phenomenal - best steak I have had in a long time. The meat was so tender and tasty.
I took the Cracked Pepper Garlic and Homestyle jerky into the office the following Monday.  I gave a piece to one of my colleagues and soon after I had 5 people asking to try a piece.  Everyone said that the jerky was tender and easy to chew.  The cracked pepper Garlic has a little bite to it but is really good - Highly recommended. The Homestyle also have a nice flavor. Both of these types of Jerkies come highly recommended and I will let you know what the consensus is of the Cajun once we have given it a try.

Thanks Daisey Oaks Ranch for a wonderful package - I look forward to my next order and just to make you aware, our office is planning to put together a large order of Jerky!"
Dave W. - Westminster, MD