How It All Works


     Welcome to our corner of the cyberspace universe!  We are very glad that you are here and thank you for your time to explore our products.  Let me provide some details and explanations about our products, their availability and what you can expect should you become a customer.

     As we have stated on other places within our site, we are not a huge corporate machine with large warehouses stocked with inventory items, sitting, aging, waiting for a sale to happen.  This is true for our meat products as well as our spice and herb inventory.  While we will keep a limited inventory of the most commonly ordered spices and herbs to fulfill orders timely, our meat inventory is driven by demand.  Our goal is to provide the freshest, highest quality products and this cannot be achieved with items sitting on shelves with quality and freshness degrading daily.

     We encourage you to become a member within our system by creating an account.  As part of our customer member group, we will NEVER provide or sell your contact or other individual information to any other person or company.  The sole purpose is to ensure that as a registered customer, you will be getting information about product availability, new products, specials/sales events and also provide ability to "tag" for potential discounts or loyalty rewards. We value each customer and consider them to be part of the Daisy Oaks family.  You will be treated as such.


     We have recently made significant changes to improve availability and accessibility to our products through our online store.  When adding meat products to your cart, rather than going to checkout, you will submit a request for quote!  One of the most difficult aspects to manage an online store that provides variable weight products is to provide pricing that is fair to both the customer and to the store.  We have solved for this by ensuring each customer is ONLY paying for what they actually receive.  With each quote request, your actual order is picked, weighed, quoted and reserved.  You will receive the quote and have option to purchase through normal checkout processes.  As soon as the order is processed, we will begin next steps of having your order delivered to your door!  The prices in our online store will be the same as if you were purchasing from us at an event!  The only difference is that you will have shipping costs added as a separate line item as a "pass through" charge. 

We do ask that online orders including meat products be a minimum of $75 not including shipping.  The costs to expedite and package meat make it too cost prohibitive for small orders.

     As a way to help fight the rising costs, we also work to make our products available to local area markets and direct sales.  We do this by setting up at Farmer's Markets and making group deliveries where possible.  Whenever we are making "direct sales", we can pass the savings of no costs for special packaging or express carriers directly to the consumer.  You will find a link at the top of the page "Upcoming Events" that we will work to keep updated with dates and locations of where we will be available as well as giving information on items we will have available and their direct sale price points.  If you are local to us, or near the I-44 corridor and would be interested in purchasing direct, you are not required to order one of our online packages.  Contact us to build your custom package and we will see if we can make delivery arrangements.

     All meat packages and components are animals sourced from local ranches, to include our own.  And when we state local, we are specifically stating that we walk and visit regularly pastures owned by neighbors and friends.  All of the pictures on our website of fields and livestock are actual pictures from these ranches and our own.  Through our partnerships with local ranchers, we have an ample supply of high quality, naturally and ethically raised livestock. Have confidence that when you are purchasing products from our store, you are supporting small, independent ranchers and families local to our Missouri home as well as buying the most natural products you can find anywhere.

     We will do our best to stay in line with demand and minimize delays, but understand that we will NEVER give in to overstocking, loose practices and reduced quality to increase availability.  Companies can and do put pretty images on fancy packaging to hide unethical practices and unknown quality.  Our promise is that you will receive a product that we personally have seen walking a field, personally delivered into the process and placed in packaging headed to your family by our hands.

      We have complete confidence that all of our products are completely pure and natural.  Quality comes from the "finishing" process.  The process of finishing is to promote marbling within the meat to provide the highest quality and most flavorful product. With the ideal age for processing at approximately 2 years of age, natural grains are added into their daily diet during the last few months before processing. Keeping with our goals of supporting local farmers, all grains are also locally farmed and harvested. The various grains are again locally sourced and mixed to ensure the highest quality and most natural feed for our animals. This entire process is to ensure that the we are providing the best product possible for you and your family.

         We have abilities to provide custom bulk orders(quarters, halves, etc.), specialty cuts and local pickup arrangements on a case by case basis.  If this is something that you would be interested in, contact us and we will gladly work to accommodate your specific needs.

     Thank you for spending the time and your interest to read these statements.  Should you have any questions or wish additional information, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you and we hope that you will become part of the "family"!