"Daisy Stank"- Pork Seasoning and Rub

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"Daisy Stank"  Pork Seasoning and Rub is a 16-ingredient integration that is more sweet than hot making an exceptional option to dash, rub or accent most any pork recipe. The sweet, earthy, and mild back of the throat heat blend will create an award-winning flavor profile to be enjoyed by all.

Use it as a pre-cooking rub or marinade allowing a few hours for the blend to absorb into the desired delicacy before applying heat.  As a rub, a good slather will create a great "bark" during smoker applications. Apply light coats of olive oil prior to liberally applying as a rub. You can also add about 2 tablespoons to each cup of apple juice to spritz moisture and flavor on meats during the cooking process.

This can be used in many pork applications such as on hams, butts, shoulders, ribs and chops but don't limit your enjoyment options. Sprinkle on top of our 100% Angus Beef Breakfast Sausage and add a special kick to your morning breakfast! Another option we find incredible is top sprinkling on our 100% Angus Beef brats for an additional flavor boost!


Ingredients Turbinado sugar, salt, paprika, demerara sugar, grains of paradise, onion, garlic, mustard, chili powder, black pepper, rosemary, marjoram, clove, and allspice.