Daisy's Oak Smoked Roasted Garlic Salt Flakes

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This Roasted Garlic Smoked Salt is robust and hearty having a lovely oaky smoked salt flavor, with the strong, deep, sweet flavor of roasted garlic. 

It can be added to most anything in which you would add garlic and desire a smoky salty flavor.

  Mix it with your favorite burger seasoning, meatloaf or meatball recipe. Season pork, like chops, ribs or pulled pork. Add some to a pot of chicken soup, a nice oven roasted chicken dish or chicken casserole. Give your scrambled eggs or quiche Florentine a flavor boost! 

A dash to roasted root veggies, sauteed spinach, asparagus or a simple a pot of carrots onion and cabbage. Feeling adventurous? Try adding as a finishing salt on fish.

One of our favorites? Sprinkle on a baked or mashed potatoes.



Ingredients: Smoked oak sea salt, roasted garlic