Daisy's "Sweet Heat" Seasoning and Rub

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 Daisy's Sweet Heat Seasoning and Rub is extremely versatile and can compliment a wide variety of dishes.

This blend is a brilliant amalgamation of incredible flavors. One of the highlights is the  Mediterranean Aleppo pepper with it's wonderfully fruity, mild heat flavor. The mild  heat is exceptionally complimented by the lush flavor of crystalized honey.

Along with the Aleppo pepper and honey we've added some smoked salt, sugar, garlic, Morita chile powder, onion, red pepper flakes, and paprika. Morita chile peppers have a fruity, slightly acidic, and earthy flavor with subtle smokey, berry like undertones.

The flavor profile for this blend can be described as sweet and salty at first transitioning to a subtly aromatic heat, and finally completing with a hint of tart citrus.

This blend goes well in many applications, so do not be hesitant to experiment and broaden your options.

Get creative! Blend with your favorite compound butter, use as a topping for humus, and popcorn. Mix it in some yogurt along with some chopped cucumber, sprinkle on your morning eggs or if your not feeling especially adventurous, use it on fish, seafood, as a grilling rub or just to season with sautéing or baking. Compliments just about anything. Chicken, turkey, pork, Daisy Oaks Ranch beef, fish or veggies. 

Aleppo peppers are a Mediterranean favorite and not commonly found in American spice cabinets. Open up your cabinet doors to include this International All-Star spice and you will pleasantly be surprised.

*Important note: Honey should not be given to children under 1 year (12 months) of age. 

Ingredients Honey, Aleppo pepper, smoked salt, sugar, garlic, morita chile powder, onion, red pepper flakes, paprika, & citric acid.