Daisy's Wrangler Bait Seasoning and Rub

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Our Wrangler Bait seasoning is a sweet and spicy, MSG-free seasoning blend with a slightly sweet caramel taste of Maple.

Use it to make a quick breakfast sausage by mixing into a little ground beef, pork, turkey or use it to season up some breakfast tofu. 

Mix in to your meatballs or a dash or two in your spaghetti sauce.  It is also good rubbed on your favorite grill items as well as sprinkled on veggies like sweet potatoes, cabbage or carrots. 

This seasoning is also good mixed with olive oil as a drizzle for fresh breads and crackers. 

*Ask us for portions to make larger batches of sausage to freeze and have ready to go.

Ingredients Fennel, sugar, salt, pepper, Vermont maple sugar, fenugreek, onion, cayenne, nutmeg, and coriander