Family Beef Staple Pack

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Family Beef Staple Pack

 The Family Pack includes a collection of Angus cuts that are the cornerstones for planning a family meal plan.  This package includes 12+lbs of delicious beef delivering approximately 50 servings per pack.

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Family Beef Staple Pack includes: 




Ground Convenient 1lb packages of approximate 90% lean all natural ground beef - 3lbs total 3
Hamburger Patties Each 1lb package will contain 2 patties of all natural, 90% lean ground beef conveniently packaged - 8 patties total 4
Roast Roast selection will come from the tri-tip, chuck, bottom round, top round, Scotch tender, Coulotte, eye of round, rump and shank cuts.  You will receive one of the cuts mentioned in a generous 3.5-4lb+ portion  1
Hot Dogs All natural, 100% Angus beef.  Each dog is an ample serving! - 1lb package 1
Bologna All natural, 100% Angus beef.  Pre-sliced in 1lb package 1


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*Avg. cost per serving based on standard 4 ounce serving = $2.57

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