Lone Wolf Sampler Pack

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Lone Wolf Sampler Pack

With most of our packs being designed for families, this pack is designed for you, the individual!  The Lone Wolf Sampler Pack provides nearly 6lbs of delicious Angus with 3 most popular cuts and other fan favorite specialty items.  The ample mix of meat supplies 20+ servings of healthy delicious dining to enjoy by yourself or with a friend.

Sampler Pack includes: 





Ground Convenient 1lb packages of approximate 90% lean all natural ground beef 1
Hamburger Patties Contain 2 patties of natural ground beef conveniently packaged totaling 1lb. 1
Beef Snack Sticks A 1lb package of fresh Angus snack sticks.  Flavor will be our choosing unless specified in notes when placing order 1
Strip Steak One of the most popular 1" cuts on the market today ready to make any night special.  Approximately 8-12 ounces . 1
Rib Eye Steak A 1" premiere cut containing a generous portion of the prime rib steak, guaranteed to satisfy.  Each steak is approximately 10-14 ounces. 1
Sirloin Steak This delicious 1" cut steak will provide approximately 22-26 ounces of dining satisfaction. 1

Remember, you can add any of our "Meat Addon" items when purchasing this product!

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