Daisy's Oak Smoked Salt Flakes

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Oak smoked Salt Flakes 

This deliciously smoky sea salt is produced in small batches and is a great add to your spice rack.  The flavored sea salt is made by a large heated roller being rolled atop of the salt crystals which compresses the crystals into flakes. The oak flavor is then added by cold smoking it with bark free oak.

This salt is excellent to cook with adding a robust smoky salty flavor. Be sure to add only a  little at a time as it holds much flavor. 

It also makes a wonderful finishing salt!  Sprinkle on top of your finished steak, burger, chicken, eggs and veggies to give them a pop. 

And don't think baked goods are out of the question for this one. Sprinkle on top of your home made chocolates, or use in salted caramel recipes.

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 Ingredients: Oak smoked sea salt